Yelena Isinbayeva Biography and Sexy Photos

Yelena Isinbayeva Biography and Sexy Photos

Yelena Isinbayeva Born

Yelena Isinbayeva or Yelena Gadzhievna Isinbayeva (Russian: Елена Гаджиевна Исинбаева, Elena Gadžievna Isinbaeva) (born three Gregorian calendar month 1982) may be a Russian athlete. She is double Associate in Nursing Olympic gold medalist (2004 and 2008), a five-time World Champion and also the current record holder within the event. As a results of her accomplishments, she is wide thought-about the best feminine pole-vaulter of all time.

Isinbayeva has been a serious champion on 9 occasions (Olympic, World outside and indoor champion and European outside and indoor champion). She was conjointly the jackpot winner of the IAAF Golden League series in 2007 and 2009. when poor performances at world championships in 2009 and 2010, she took a year-long break from the game.

She became the primary lady to clear the five-metre barrier in 2005. Isinbayeva's current world records area unit five.06 m outdoors, a record Isinbayeva set in city in August 2009, and 5.01 m inside, a record set in February 2012. The latter was Isinbayeva's ordinal field event record.

Isinbayeva was named feminine jock of the Year by the IAAF in 2004, 2005 and 2008, and World jock of the Year by Laureus in 2007 and 2009. She was given the patrician of Asturias Award for Sports in 2009. She is one in all solely eight athletes (along with Valerie Adams, Usain Bolt, flower Campbell-Brown, Jacques Freitag, Jana Pittman, Dani Samuels, and David Storl) to win world championships at the youth, junior, Associate in Nursingd senior level of an athletic event.

Yelena Isinbayeva : Career

Early life and competition

From the age of five to fifteen, Isinbayeva trained as a athlete in her town of metropolis. She ultimately left the game as a result of as she grew she was thought-about too tall to be competitive in athletics, ultimately attaining a height of one.74 m (5' 8½").

Six months when having haunted pole-vaulting she won her initial major ending at age sixteen throughout the 1998 World Youth Games in national capital, Russia with a height of four.00 m. it absolutely was her third contest. She jumped a similar height at the 1998 World Junior Championships in Annecy, France, however this left her ten cm far from the ribbon placings.

In 1999, Isinbayeva improved on this height at the planet Youth Championships in Bromberg, European country once she cleared four.10 m to require her second palm.

At the 2000 World Juniors Isinbayeva once more took initial place clearing four.20 m earlier than German Annika Becker. a similar year the women's field event created its debut as Associate in Nursing Olympic event in state capital, Australia wherever Stacy Dragila of the u. s. took gold. within the same event Isinbayeva didn't create it out of the qualifying spherical.

She won another palm in 2001, now at the eu Junior Championships with a winning height of four.40 m.

Isinbayeva continuing to enhance and 2002 saw her clear four.55 m at the eu Championships, wherever she gained her initial senior championship ribbon (silver), finishing five cm wanting her subject Svetlana Feofanova.

Yelena Isinbayeva : First world records and Olympic title

2003 was another year of progression and saw Isinbayeva win the eu below twenty three Championships gold with four.65 m (in Bydgoszcz). On thirteen Gregorian calendar month 2003, with reference to a month when her twenty first birthday, Isinbayeva set her initial record at a gathering in Gateshead, England with a height of four.82 m, that had created her the favorite to require gold at the planet Championships the subsequent month. She finished up winning the laurel wreath with Feofanova taking gold and Becker the silver.

At a gathering at metropolis, Ukraine, Isinbayeva set a brand new indoor record, with a height of four.83 m solely to envision Feofanova increase this by 2 centimetres the subsequent week. the subsequent month at the World's Indoor in March Isinbayeva stone-broke Feofanova's record with a palm winning jump of four.86 m beating powerful indoor & outside champion Feofanova into bronze with powerful Olympic champion Dragila taking silver. The IAAF thought-about all 3 records to be over-all (outdoor) records, thus the indoor and outside records currently stood at four.86 m

27 Gregorian calendar month saw Isinbayeva come back to Gateshead and improved the planet record to four.87 m. Feofanova responded the subsequent week by breaking the record by a cm in Heraklion, Greece.

On twenty five Gregorian calendar month in Birmingham, England, Isinbayeva saved the record jumping four.89 m and 5 days later in Crystal Palace, London, another an extra cm to the record.

At the 2004 Summer athletic contest in Athens. Isinbayeva won palm with a brand new record height of four.91 m. She after stone-broke the record later that year at the Memorial Van Damme in Belgian capital with a four.92 m jump, her eighth record of the season. Isinbayeva was named World jock of the Year for winning the Olympic & World Indoor title and breaking the planet record eight times.

Yelena Isinbayeva : World and European champion

At the eu Indoor Championships in Madrid, Espana Isinbayeva won gold with a brand new indoor record of four.90 m. In Gregorian calendar month 2005, Isinbayeva stone-broke the planet record fourfold over 3 separate conferences. initial in Lausanne, Suisse, she another an additional cm to her own mark clearing four.93 m. it absolutely was the fourteenth record of Isinbayeva's career returning simply 3 months when she stone-broke her own indoor mark (4.89 m) in Lievin. Eleven days later, in Madrid, Spain, she another an extra a pair of cm to clear four.95 m. In Crystal Palace, London on twenty two Gregorian calendar month, when up the record to four.96 m, she raised the bar to five.00 m. She then became the primary lady in history to clear the once legendary five-metre barrier in pole jumping, achieving the monumental mark with one try.

After the women's field event final at the 2005 World Championships in Helsingfors, Suomi was delayed owing to extraordinarily inclementness conditions, Isinbayeva all over again stone-broke her own record, performing arts five.01 m in her second try, and winning the competition with a forty one cm margin of ending, that was the best margin ever obtained in any World or Olympic competition for the event. This was already the eighteenth record within the career of the then 23-year-old Isinbayeva and her winning season was topped together with her second consecutive World jock of the Year award.

At an interior meeting on twelve February in metropolis, Ukraine, Isinbayeva set a brand new indoor record. She cleared four.91 m. In March she with success defended her World Indoor title ahead of a country crowd in national capital, Russia. throughout the 2006 European Athletics Championships in Goteborg she won the palm with a metallic element of four.80 metres. This was the sole palm missing from her assortment till that point. In Gregorian calendar month she won the planet Cup, representing Russia, in Athens.

Isinbayeva was topped Laureus World Sports lady of the Year for the 2006 season.

Yelena Isinbayeva : Second world and Olympic golds

On ten February 2007 in metropolis, Ukraine, Isinbayeva stone-broke the planet indoor field event record once more, by clearing four.93 metres. it absolutely was Isinbayeva's twentieth record.

On twenty eight August 2007 Isinbayeva continual as world champion in urban center at the 2007 World Championships in Athletics with a four.80 m performance, then failing thrice at setting a brand new record at five.02 m. Her competition did no higher than four.75 m.

In 2007 she conjointly won the IAAF Golden League Jackpot (which she shared with Sanya Richards) when having won all 2007 IAAF Golden League conferences. Isinbayeva was unvanquished within the 2007 season and won eighteen out of eighteen competitions.

During the indoor 2008 season, Isinbayeva set her 21st record, clearing 4.95 metres on sixteen February 2008 in metropolis, Ukraine. a number of weeks later, in Valencia, Spain, Isinbayeva won the planet Indoor Championships over Jennifer Stuczynski. it absolutely was Isinbayeva's third consecutive World Indoor title.

On 11 July, at her initial outside competition of the season, Rome's Golden Gala, Isinbayeva stone-broke her own record, clearing 5.03 metres. This was her initial record outdoors since the 2005 World Championships. Isinbayeva declared that she had tried five.02 metres numerous times unsuccessfully that her coach told her to alter one thing then she tried five.03 metres.

This record came even as folks began to invest her fall from the highest of pole jumping, as yank Jennifer Stuczynski cleared four.92 metres at the yank Olympic Trials. Isinbayeva declared that this impelled her to keep up her name because the world's greatest feminine athlete. a number of weeks later, at the Aviva London automobile race, Isinbayeva and Stuczynski competed along for the primary time of the outside season. Isinbayeva won the competition, with Stuczynski finishing second. each tried a brand new record of five.04 metres. Isinbayeva was invitingly shut on her final try, with the bar falling solely when Isinbayeva had landed on the mat.

She with success cleared that height on twenty nine Gregorian calendar month, in Monte-Carlo, Monaco, her ordinal record.

At the 2008 Summer athletic contest in Peiping on eighteen August, Isinbayeva required 2 vaults to prolong her Olympic title reign and went on to complete the competition with five.05m, a record at the time, her twenty fourth record.

On twenty three Nov in princedom, she was chosen World jock of the Year by the IAAF for the third time in her career, beside Jamaican male runner Usain Bolt.

Yelena Isinbayeva : Break and come back

Isinbayeva started the 2009 season by turning into the primary lady to vault over five metres inside. She initial raised her world indoor mark with a vault of four.97 m, then raised the bar to five.00 m and cleared that height further. the 2 marks were set at the field event Stars indoor meet, on fifteen February, in Donetsk, Ukraine. it absolutely was the sixth consecutive year she had set an interior record during this meet. She received the Laureus World Sports Award for jock of the Year in recognition of her achievements – it absolutely was conjointly the fifth time she had been appointive for the award in as a few years.

At the 2009 World Championships in Berlin, Germany, Isinbayeva lost her second competition of the year when failing to realize a winning vault. the planet champion was Pakistani monetary unit Rogowska WHO conjointly beat her within the London automobile race in could. However, Yelena Isinbayeva stone-broke her own women's field event record at the Weltklasse Golden League meeting by clearing five.06 m. On a pair of Gregorian calendar month she was given the 2009 patrician of Asturias Award for Sports.

She hoped to place her World Championships no-mark performance behind her by aiming for a world indoor record at the 2010 IAAF World Indoor Championships. The Russian cleared her gap height of four.60 m at the championships in port, however she faltered at four.75 m and she or he finished up in fourth place and out of doors of the medals for a second consecutive time. Following another disappointment at a serious championships, she determined to require day trip from the game to recuperate, saying: "A break from competitive is completely necessary on behalf of me. when over eight years of terribly onerous coaching and competitive at the best levels each inside and outdoors every year i want to step back so as for my body to properly recover".

She uncomprehensible the chance to defend her title at the 2010 European Championships and she or he was succeeded by her subject Svetlana Feofanova, whereas Fabiana Murer went on to say the inaugurual IAAF Diamond League field event series. Isinbayeva continuing to coach with Vitaliy Petrov throughout her day trip, however, though didn't seem in competition till the beginning of the 2011 indoor season. The Russian Winter meeting in February 2011 was the venue for her comeback and she or he incontestable her revitalisation of kind with a primary time clearance of four.81 m, well defeating Feofanava.

On March 2011, Isinbayeva left her coach Vitaly Petrov and came to her former mentor Yevgeny Trofimov, WHO had coached her since the age of fifteen and till 2005. throughout the 2011 summer season she participated in just a number of competitions and on twenty nine Gregorian calendar month she won the Diamond League meeting of capital of Sweden with a season better of four.76 m. However, within the World Championships in Daegu she finished up once more outside of the medals, taking the sixth place with four.65 m.

She began 2012 with a clearance of four.70 m at the Governor's Cup in metropolis.

Yelena Isinbayeva : Reasons for achievement

Setting twenty eight world records (15 outside and thirteen indoor), staying just about unvanquished between 2004 and 2009 (winning 9 straight gold medals in indoor and outside championships) and being electoral IAAF World jock of the Year in 2004, 2005 and 2008, Isinbayeva has established herself mutually of the foremost winning athletes of her generation.
In August 2005, high nice Great Britain and Northern Ireland field event coach Steve Rippon aforesaid to the BBC that "she [Isinbayeva] is one in all the few feminine pole vaulters I consider and assume her technique is nearly as good because the comfort station. In fact, the second a part of her jump is maybe higher than any male athlete presently competitive . She incorporates a fantastic technique, she's quite tall (almost 5ft 9in) and she or he runs extraordinarily well."
These statements area unit confirmed by shut observation of her jumps; thoroughly, Isinbayeva's high level of body management (courtesy of her athletics background) particularly pays off within the alleged "L-Phase", wherever it's important to use the pole's rebound to convert horizontal speed into height. Common mistakes have gotten rebounded away in Associate in Nursing angle (rather than vertically up) or inability to stay the limbs stiff, each leading to loss of vertical speed and thus less height. In Isinbayeva's case, her L-Phase is exemplary.

Personal life

Her father, Gadzhi Gadzhiyevich Isinbayev, may be a artisan and a member of atiny low (200,000-people strong) ethnos of Tabasarans WHO principally board Dagestan. Her mother, a store assistant, is Russian. Isinbayeva conjointly incorporates a sister named Inna. Isinbayeva came from humble beginnings and remembers that her oldsters had to create several money sacrifices in her early career.

She has each a Bachelor's and academic degree when graduating from the metropolis State Academy of Physical Culture. presently she is constant her post-graduate studies there and conjointly finding out at the metropolis National Technical University.

In the Russian club competitions she represents the railroad military team; she is formally a politician within the Russian army, and on four August 2005 she was given rating of senior lieutenant before being promoted to captain in August 2008.

She options in Toshiba ads promoting their entire business line in Russia. She conjointly seems in an exceedingly Lady's Speed Stick packaging in Russia.

On a pair of December 2010 she gave a speech before the FIFA delegates in Zürich. afterward that occasion it absolutely was declared that Russia can host the 2018 FIFA tournament.

Yelena Isinbayeva is currently a member of the ‘Champions for Peace’ club, a bunch of fifty four far-famed elite athletes committed to serving peace within the world through sport, created by Peace and Sport, a Monaco-based world organisation.

Yelena Isinbayeva : Αchievements

Year Competition Venue Position Notes 1998 World Youth Games Moscow, Russia 1st 1999 World Youth Championships Bydgoszcz, Poland 1st 4.10 m (WYR) 2000 World Junior Championships Santiago, Chile 1st 4.20 m (WJR) 2001 European Junior Championships Grosseto, Italy 1st 4.40 m (CR) 2002 European Championships Munich, Germany 2nd 4.55 m 2003 World Indoor Championships Birmingham, United Kingdom 2nd 4.60 m World Championships Paris, France 3rd 4.65 m European U23 Championships Bydgoszcz, Poland 1st 4.65 m (CR) 2004 World Indoor Championships Budapest, Hungary 1st 4.86 m (WR) Summer Olympics Athens, Greece 1st 4.91 m (WR) IAAF World Athletics Final Monte Carlo, Monaco 1st 2005 European Indoor Championships Madrid, Spain 1st 4.90 m (i WR) World Championships Helsinki, Finland 1st 5.01 m (WR) IAAF World Athletics Final Monte Carlo, Monaco 1st 2006 World Indoor Championships Moscow, Russia 1st 4.80m European Championships Göteborg, Sweden 1st 4.80 m (CR) IAAF World Athletics Final Stuttgart, Germany 1st 4.75 m World Cup Athens, Greece 1st 4.60 m (CR) 2007 World Championships Osaka, Japan 1st 4.80 m IAAF Golden League 6/6 Wins 1st Jackpot Winner IAAF World Athletics Final Stuttgart, Germany 1st 4.87 m (CR) 2008 World Indoor Championships Valencia, Spain 1st 4.75 m Summer Olympics Beijing, People's Republic of China 1st 5.05 m (WR) 2009 World Championships Berlin, Germany final NM IAAF Golden League 6/6 Wins 1st Jackpot winner World Athletics Final Thessaloniki, Greece 1st 4.80 m 2010 World Indoor Championships Doha, Qatar 4th 4.60 m 2011 World Championships Daegu, South Korea 6th 4.65 m 2012 World Indoor Championships Istanbul, Turkey 1st 4.80 m



1st – 4.83 m – field event Stars, Donetsk, Ukraine
1st – 4.86 m – World Indoor Championships, Budapest, Hungary
1st – 4.87 m – IAAF Gateshead, Great Britain
1st – 4.89 m – Birmingham International Meeting, Great Britain
1st – 4.90 m – British automobile race London, Great Britain
1st – 4.91 m – Summer athletic contest, Athens, Greece
1st – 4.92 m – Golden League Belgian capital, Belgium
1st – 4.83 m – 2d World Atletics Final, Monte Carlo, Monaco


1st – 4.87 m – field event Stars, Donetsk, Ukraine
1st – 4.90 m – European Indoor Championships, Madrid, Spain
1st – 4.93 m – IAAF Lausanne, Suisse
1st – 4.95 m – Meeting Delaware Madrid, Spain
1st – 5.00 m – IAAF London, Great Britain
1st – 4.79 m – IAAF capital of Sweden, Sweden
1st – 5.01 m – World Championships, Helsinki, Finland
1st – 4.93 m – Golden League Belgian capital, Belgium
1st – 4.74 m – third World Athletics Final, Monte Carlo, Monaco


1st – 4.91 m – field event Stars, Donetsk, Ukraine
1st – 4.79 m – Norwich Union automobile race, Birmingham, Great Britain
1st – 4.72 m – Meeting Gaz Delaware France du Pas-de-Calais, Lievin, France
1st – 4.80 m – World Indoor Championships, Moscow, Russia
1st – 4.76 m – IAAF Paris Saint-Denis, France
1st – 4.90 m – IAAF Lausanne, Suisse
1st – 4.91 m – IAAF London, Great Britain
1st – 4.80 m – European Championships, Gothenburg, Sweden
1st – 4.81 m – Golden League Belgian capital, Belgium
1st – 4.75 m – fourth World Athletics Final, Stuttgart, Germany


1st – 4.93 m – field event Stars, Donetsk, Ukraine
1st – 4.91 m – Meeting Gaz Delaware France, Paris, France
1st – 4.90 m – Golden League Rome, Italy
1st – 4.82 m – Norwich Union Super automobile race, London, Great Britain
1st – 4.80 m – World Championships, Osaka, Japan
first – Golden League Belgian capital, Belgium
1st – 4.87 m – fifth World Athletics Final, Stuttgart, Germany


1st – 4.95 m – field event Stars, Donetsk, Ukraine
1st – 4.75 m – World Indoor Championships, Valencia, Spain
1st – 5.03 m – Golden Gala, Rome, Italy
1st – 5.04 m – Super automobile race, Monte Carlo, Monaco
1st – 5.05 m – Summer athletic contest, Beijing, China
1st – 4.88 m – IAAF city, Suisse


1st – 5.00 m – field event Stars, Donetsk, Ukraine
1st – 4.82 m – Aviva automobile race, Birmingham, Great Britain
1st – 4.83 m – ISATF Berlin, Germany
1st – 4.65 m – Meeting Gaz Delaware France, Paris, France
2nd – 4.68 m – Aviva London automobile race, London, Great Britain
no height recorded – World Championships, Berlin, Germany
1st – 5.06 m – IAAF Golden League, Zurich, Suisse


1st – 4.85 m – Russian Winter Meeting, Moscow, Russia
1st – 4.85 m – field event Stars, Donetsk, Ukraine
4th – 4.60 m – World Indoor Championships, Doha, Qatar


1st – 4.81 m – Russian Winter Meeting, Moscow, Russia
1st – 4.85 m – field event Stars, Donetsk, Ukraine
1st – 4.60 m – Night of Athletics, Heusden, Belgium
1st – 4.76 m – Diamond League, Stockholm, Sweden
6th – 4.65 m – World Championships, Daegu, Republic of Korea


1st – 5.01 m – XL-Galan, Stockholm, Sweden
1st – 4.80 m – World Indoor Championships, Istanbul, Turkey
3rd – 4.70 m – Summer Olympic, London, Great Britain

World record progression by Isinbayeva

Yelena Isinbayeva has set seventeen world records and thirteen indoor world records. many of her indoor world records were conjointly legal as world records.


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