Evgeniya Kanayeva Biography and Sexy Photos

Evgeniya Kanayeva Biography and Sexy Photos

Evgeniya Kanayeva Born

Yevgeniya Olegovna Kanayeva (Russian: Евгения Олеговна Канаева; born two Gregorian calendar month 1990 city, Soviet Union) may be a Russian metrical jock. wide thought-about the best metrical jock of all time, she holds the Olympic record of being the sole metrical jock to win two Gold medals within the comprehensive events at the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games, whereas additionally being a multiple World and European Champion within the all around events for metrical sport. city is additionally the town of 2004 Olympic silver medalist Irina Tchachina and he or she is coaching with identical coach (Vera Shtelbaums). At the 2008 European Championships, in Turin she crystal rectifier the sphere by virtually 2 full points, inserting initial in each event.

Kanayeva additionally beat national Vera Sessina World Health Organization won the comprehensive European title in 2006 however was out owing to injury and national Olga Kapranova the 2005 World Champion. Kanayeva won her initial Olympic medal in Peiping 2008 within the women's metrical individual comprehensive final with a score of seventy five.500 (Rope:18.850, Hoop:18.850, Clubs:18,950 and Ribbon:18.850). within the 2009 European Championship in port, Azerbaijan, she got 5 gold medals of five attainable. In 2009, at the twenty ninth World Championship in Mie, Japan, she won six gold medals and have become the sole girl metrical jock in history to own set such record. In 2011, at the thirty first World Championship in Montpellier, France, Kanayeva perennial her success by winning all six gold medals.

Kanayeva is one.70m (5'7") tall and weighs forty nine weight unit (108 lbs).

Yevgeniya Kanayeva : Personal data

Kanayeva spends most of her time at the athletic facility, she trains six days every week and up to eight hours daily, she weighs herself each morning, takes a diet, and does not take any food or snacks that have high calories. Kanayeva has explicit in associate degree interview if she wasn't a jock, she'd take up dance professionally." i really like to bop, and it's a necessary a part of coaching for all gymnasts. i really like learning new dance moves for routines ".

Yevgeniya Kanayeva : Biography


Yevgeniya Kanayeva was born on two Gregorian calendar month 1990 within the Russian town of city, Siberia, Her mother, Svetlana, was additionally a metrical jock – entitled ‘Master of Sports’. Her father, Oleg Kanaev, may be a coach and a former classical battler, she additionally has associate degree elder brother named Egor World Health Organization is additionally a classical battler. However, it had been her granny, a faithful fan of metrical sport and ice skating, World Health Organization introduced her to metrical sport at the age of six. Despite her young age, the insufficient Kanayeva had already shown monumental potential. Her initial trainer, Elena Arais (daughter of Kanayeva’s current trainer Vera Efremovna Shtelbaums), was affected by her enthusiasm to be told doing troublesome components. Shtelbaums, World Health Organization worked within the same gymnastic faculty, additionally recalled the time once Kanayeva spent long hours active albeit all alternative students were gone, together with her granny standing within the cold dark passageway waiting to require her home. Besides her passion for metrical sport, the insufficient Kanayeva was accepted for her kindness and look after others. She was nicknamed ‘Mother Theresa’ by the coaching employees and therefore the folks of her childhood friends.

Kanayeva was hand-picked to affix a gaggle of young metrical gymnasts from city for a try-out in national capital at the age of twelve. Her performance caught the eyes of Amina Zaripova - the person accountable of the youth program. She was then invited to coach at the varsity of the Olympic Reserve.

With Shtelbaums being additionally in national capital as city native Irina Tchachina’s personal trainer, Kanayeva received sensible management from her and improved quickly. In 2003 Kanayeva painted ‘Gazprom’ as a junior metrical jock to require half within the World Club Championship (also referred to as ‘Aeon Cup’) in Japan aboard Irina Tchachina and Alina Kabayeva. She won the junior title. At round the same time, she was noticed by the pinnacle trainer of the Russian national team, Irina Aleksandrovna Viner. She was accepted to coach at ‘Novogorsk’, the coaching centre for national team members alone. In Viner’s words, it had been a vital amount for Kanayeva as a result of ‘it is best to witness one thing once than to listen to it for one hundred times. Alina Kabayeva started within the same approach by coaching among the celebs. Oaks don't grow within the desert, they grow among oaks. Kanayeva was lucky during this sense – that there have been ‘Novogorsk’ and Vera Efremovna, and that we created that call. She started showing herself as a awfully clever and extremely talented woman gaga with metrical sport.

Yevgeniya Kanayeva : The Rise

Kanayeva’s path to rise to the senior rank wasn't easily owing to Russia’s wealthy resource in metrical gymnasts. Since the top of the Olympic Games 2004, during which Kabayeva and Tchachina won the gold and palm severally, Vera Sessina and Olga Kapranova had up up and step by step become Russia’s leading metrical gymnasts. With Kabayeva remaining competitive, there was merely no area for Kanayeva. Yet, she regularly worked laborious, and therefore the chance came in 2007.

In summer 2007, the team of metrical gymnasts, World Health Organization were alleged to be heading to the eu championship in capital of Azerbaijan, was already proverbial. They were Kabayeva, Sessina and Kapranova. However, owing to a significant injury, Kabayeva required to withdraw on the eve of the championship. In search of a replacement, Viner entrusted Kanayeva from the reserve team to try to to one equipment – the ribbon. Despite the short notice, Kanayeva’s initial performance on the international stage didn't foil her trainers and supporters. Kanayeva won the gold medals in individual equipment and within the team competition. Few months later, she won another medal within the team competition at the planet Championship in city, Greece.

The 2008 Olympic Games Season

With the chance to require half within the Olympic Games in Peiping arising, Kanayeva’s performance in 2008 was breathless. All her routines (hoop, clubs, rope and ribbon) were designed with high difficulties and thoughtful music choice to bring out her singularity. one in all that was her ribbon routine performed with the special emended piano version of ‘Moscow Nights (Подмосковные вечера)’.

Kanayeva began her 2008 season below the shadows of Sesina, Kapranova and Ukrainian metrical jock, the then World Champion, Pakistani monetary unit Bessonova. However, by mid-spring she was ready to overcome all odds and win all Individual comprehensive titles within the Grand Prix and World Cup series, furthermore because the Russian National Championship. At the eu Championship in Turin, Italy, she was now not a replacement or a reserve collectively year before however a longtime senior metrical jock of the Russian national team. She defeated Bessonova and Kapranova with high scores altogether her routines and have become the eu Champion. On Viner’ mind, by that point, Kanayeva was the automated initial selection for her Olympic team previous Sesina and Kapranova. Viner later settled with Kanayeva and Kapranova because the representatives of the Russian Federations within the metrical sport competition for the Olympic Games.

Kanayeva was the youngest among all the finalists within the Olympic metrical sport competition. However, she was additionally the calmest and created the fewest mistakes. In her words, the Olympic Games were ‘different from all alternative competitions. you only need to target yourself, the equipment and therefore the carpet. you ought to not concentrate on anything. I persuaded myself that everything would be alright, that I shouldn't worry.’ With this mentality, Kanayeva won the Olympic title with a superb score seventy five.50, previous second place Inna Zhukova of White Russia by a margin of three.50 point. in step with Viner, what Kanayeva achieved was exceptional because the large margin between her and therefore the silver medalist wasn't doubtless to be ever perennial by the other metrical gymnasts in future Olympic Games.

Road to 2012 Olympic Games Season

Kanaeva started her season with creating her new program for her Hoop, Clubs and Ball , at the national capital Grand Prix she finished 2d in comprehensive at the 2012 national capital Grand Prix behind mate Daria Kondakova, however won gold medals at the individual finals for Ribbon, Clubs and Hoop previous Daria Dmitrieva and Daria Kondakova . She followed her win at the Grand Prix by winning the comprehensive at the International Thiais Tournament. She visited contend on her initial World Cup of the season at Pesaro and won the comprehensive furthermore the Individual Finals for Clubs, Ball and Hoop. She withdrew from Penza World Cup citing unhealthiness. She went back competitory at national capital World Cup wherever she beat the defensive Champion Daria Kondakova and won the event finals in Ribbon, Ball and Hoop however didn't qualify for the Ribbon finals owing to the 2 per country rule with Kondakova and Dmitrieva previous her within the Ribbon qualifications . She was additionally the Champion in comprehensive at the 2012 Corbeil-Essonnes Cup previous compatriots Daria Dmitrieva and Alexandra Merkulova.

At the 2012 European Championships she scored within the lead altogether the equipment resulting in the comprehensive finals rotation and announce the best score in her Ball Routine of twenty nine.700 to win her third consecutive European comprehensive Title. In associate degree interview once the event, she commented on her victories and said: " This conclusion didn’t return simple. within the future I even have to place effort on capital punishment components stronger and additional exactly. My coaches area unit happy, and it’s important. I don’t live by conclusion , however by what I do ”. Kanaeva then competed at the Grand Prix Vorarlberg in Austria, she continued her success winning Gold within the comprehensive and won all the gold medals within the equipment finals. At the planet final in capital of Belarus, Kanaeva continued her consecutive records within the World Cup Final by winning the medal in comprehensive previous mate Daria Dmitrieva ( silver ) and Belarusian Liubov Charkashyna (bronze), Kanaeva additionally won all the Gold medals in ( Ball, Hoop, Clubs and Ribbon ) at the event finals.

At the 2012 Olympic Games, throughout the qualifications she created associate degree uncommon errant fumble with the ring routine and born it grading twenty eight.100 points, as a result on the primary day of qualifications she was hierarchical 2d behind mate Daria Dmitrieva however set herself higher for the second day of qualifications, she scored a complete of 116.000 score within the qualifications.

During the Finals. She maintained a clean performance and set herself up finishing all four equipment with none major mistakes or drop on the equipment, she was the sole jock to get over twenty nine points within the ball, hoop and clubs, falling in need of that mark solely with the ribbon that scored twenty eight.900, Kanayeva scored a complete of 116.900 previous mate Daria Dmitrieva that scored a complete of 114.500 points. Kanayeva aforesaid regarding winning her second Olympic Games medal and on being thought-about a legend of metrical sport: " Gymnastics has been a part of my life since i used to be six years recent," Kanaeva aforesaid. "It wasn't my target to be a legend, however I do just like the sound of it. i really like sport and that i wish the audience to recollect Pine Tree State. "

The title-holder

With the implementation of the new ‘Codes of Points’, Kanayeva's vogue was modified drastically in 2009. The transition wasn't sleek as in early season she struggled against injuries and exhaustion. though she remained unbeaten altogether Individual comprehensive competitions, on some occasions Sesina and Bessonova finished previous her in individual equipment. still, in could Kanayeva won the gold medals for all four equipment at the eu Championship in port. Then, in July, she collected all gold medals out there (9 in total) at the metrical sport competitions within the Universiade and therefore the World Games. In fact, her five gold medals within the Universiade enabled Russia to return high on the team ranking. President Dmitry Medvedev of the Russian Federations brazenly complimented on Kanayeva’s contribution. She was additionally hailed because the 'Heroine of the Games' by the official web site of Universiade capital of Yugoslavia 2009.

In September, the planet Championship in metrical sport (Mie Prefecture, Japan) provided Kanayeva the chance to become World Champion. Kanayeva qualified for the Individual comprehensive final by prevailing in each single equipment, every with a medal. Besides, her ends up in individual equipment additionally won her a medal for the team competition (together with Olga Kapranova, Daria Kondakova and Daria Dmitrieva). As a result, before the Individual comprehensive final, Kanaeva had already won five gold medals – equaled the record set by Oxana Kostina of Russia in 1992 of winning the foremost variety of gold medals in one single metrical sport World Championship.

Although none expected it to be a best World Championship, Kanayeva’s determination was clearly seen within the Individual comprehensive final. once three rotations she crystal rectifier second place Kondakova by zero.850. As Kondakova finished her final rotation (rope) elegantly with a high score in twenty eight.400, the atmosphere within the gymnasium turned electrified. once anticipating five alternative finalists to finish their routines, Kanayeva command the ball in her hands and stepped onto the carpet because the last competition of the day. She gave a championship-winning performance. By a margin of zero.600, Kanayeva won her sixth medal and set a brand new record by winning the foremost variety of gold medals in one single metrical sport World Championship. With physical and emotional exhaustion, Kanayeva shed her tears once the Russian coaching employees embraced her.. President Dmitry Medvedev of the country acknowledged Kanayeva's new record by causation her a wire of congratulation.

Yevgeniya Kanayeva : On and Off the Carpet

Kanayeva’s success in metrical sport has not solely won her admiration across Russia and round the globe however additionally continued Omsk’s tradition in manufacturing outstanding metrical gymnasts. Sport commentator and former Russian metrical jock Laysan Utiasheva once delineated Kanayeva as a mix of Tchachina and Kabayeva. but, Kanayeva had no intention to be a setup of the previous greats. oft in interviews, once asked regarding her views on success and future set up, her reply was that she lived solely in these days and each conclusion driven her to boost additional. in step with Arais, Kanayeva perpetually applies the principle ‘winner or loser’ in life, that has distinguished her from others since her beginning in metrical sport. For Kanayeva, 'victory and defeat each offer lessons. within the face of conclusion, the foremost vital issue isn't to be flooded however to remain on the bottom, to travel on and work and take enjoyment of life. For associate degree athlete’s life doesn't solely return through by one conclusion, and a true jock is one World Health Organization is capable of winning and losing.'

Although Kanayeva's ability to follow her trainers' directions was accepted, she had no hesitation to provide her opinions on her routines and performances. Year by year, she has shown wishes in making an attempt out new components and adopting new designs. She explicit that her satisfaction in metrical sport wasn't simply related to scores or medals however additional with the reaction of the audience to her performance.

For Shtelbaums, Kanayeva has the standard to become an honest trainer owing to her attentiveness to instruct young metrical gymnasts. presently, she is registered at The Siberian State University of Physical coaching and Sports. once asked what she would love to try to to once her sporting career is over, Kanayeva expressed her would like to be told a way to draw and play piano. She has additionally aforesaid in alternative interviews that she is keen to check a far off language, like English, and a few computer-related subjects. Her mother Svetlana aforesaid her girl is thoughtful during this facet as all her prize is being concentrated for future education.

By the top of 2009, Kanayeva was awarded the title ‘Merited Master of Sports’ in Russia. Irina Tchachina was the guest of honour to gift Kanayeva the award.


She is one in all the sole three metrical gymnasts to win all the Grand-slam competitions ( Olympic, World, European, World Cup Final and Grand Prix Final ).

29th RG World Championships Mie, Japan 2009

Yevgeniya Kanayeva set a record within the twenty ninth RG World Championships 2009 in Mie by winning six gold medals. She is that the initial jock in RG history to attain such ends up in one single World Championship.

31st World Championship Montpellier, France 2011

She equals the record of Maria Petrova (rhythmic gymnast), World Health Organization won three world titles for 3 consecutive years (1993/1994/1995), and of María Gigova (1969/1971/1973).
She is that the initial jock World Health Organization has won three consecutive world titles while not sharing the triumph with alternative gymnasts. Petrova and Gigova shared their various titles with alternative gymnasts.

it's the second time once Yevgeniya Kanayeva won six gold medals out of six. She equals her own record.
She is that the initial jock World Health Organization has won gold medals altogether of equipment. (5 equipment, rope, hoop, ball, clubs and ribbon). She is additionally the sole one jock in history to ahieve gold medals within the seven individual classes of metrical sport (All-around, rope, hoop, ball, clubs, ribbon and team competition).

She levels with Maria Gigova in hoop: each have won three gold medals within the World Championships.
She levels with Ekaterina Serebrianskaya and Lilia Ignatova in ball: all of them have won three gold medals within the World Championships.

She is that the jock within the entire RG history World Health Organization has won the foremost World Championships titles: seventeen gold medals.

Grand Prix urban center, Czech 2011

On sixteen Gregorian calendar month 2011 Yevgeniya Kanayeva scored thirty, she got good ten in issue, superior skill and execution at ribbon final, Grand Prix urban center 2011, Czech. She is that the initial jock within the history of metrical gymnastic to attain full mark below thirty points deciding system.

Voralberg Grand Prix, 2012

On thirty June 2012, Yevgeniya Kanayeva scored an ideal thirty within the all around for her hoop routine, creating it the second time within the history of metrical sport that a jock has achieved an ideal score below the 30-point code.

Olympics History Record

She created history because the solely metrical jock to win two Gold medals ( additionally back to back ) at the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games.
On her second Olympic Games, she became the recentest metrical jock to win a medal at twenty two years old. ( Kanaeva was eighteen years recent at her initial 2008 Olympic Games )


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