Peter Cook is firing back once ex-wife Christie Brinkley's tearful

Peter Cook is firing back once ex-wife Christie Brinkley's tearful "Today" show look Tuesday -- speaking out in a very "Today" show interview of his own.

In Brinkley's interview Tuesday, this supermodel told Matt Lauer that she felt compelled to talk out once enduring 2 weeks of "character assassination" by Cook, tearfully adding, "I simply wish peace and each time I actually have any joy he has got to try and destroy it."

On Wednesday, he sat down for an interview with the "Today" show's Savannah Guthrie to rebuke his ex wife's claims.

"The entire content of her interview was a lie where she claims that i'm harassing and bullying her on a daily," he said, "I want you to grasp that we've not had a conversation in four a [*fr1] years and that we haven't emailed one another directly in 2 years, therefore this perception that i am harassing and bullying her is nonsense."

Cook referred to as Brinkley out for shedding "crocodile tears," adding that ever since the try separated, Brinkley has been "on a campaign to smear me. there's no Peter Cook press machine. I actually have no interest within the press. i am not a celeb. you do not hear regarding Peter Cook till Christie Brinkley dredges one thing up from the past to create herself relevant within the media once more."

Cook additionally released an announcement to the The big apple Post Wednesday during which he referred to as his ex wife's "Today" show look a "cunning and shameless show."

But in spite of their much-publicized legal battle -- and dueling interviews -- Cook and Brinkley will a minimum of agree on one thing: they each claim to "want peace."

"I wish peace for my family, I wish peace for myself." Cook said on "Today." "I would like to be ready to do my job, see my youngsters and live while not the Christie Brinkley shadow over me. that is all I raise."

Brinkley and Cook referred to as off their 12-year wedding in 2008 once Cook admitting to having an affair with an 18-year-old lady. Their split landed back within the spotlight earlier this month when Cook appeared on variety of tv shows to counter Brinkley's claims that he owes her kid support for his or her 2 kids and has sent her "inflammatory" emails.

Elizabeth Smart will Continue to speak out

Elizabeth Smart Story

Elizabeth Smart Stories That will Never Forget

Elizabeth SmartThere are many days that Elizabeth Smart can always remember.

Her sixth grade graduation, Entering highschool, Her wedding.

And March twelve, 2003, the day that law enforcement officials found her walking the streets of Sandy, UT, along with her 2 kidnappers, rescued her and came back} her to her oldsters. 9 months had passed since her June 2002 abduction from her Salt Lake City bedroom at the age of fourteen.

“I can always remember hearing the words, ‘I have a knife at your neck, don’t create a sound, stand up and come with me,’ ”
Elizabeth Smart said Wednesday night throughout a program at the Northside Hospital-Cherokee Conference Center.

Smart, whose foundation has partnered with radKIDS, said that no kid ought to undergo what she did - being raped on a daily basis, and hearing that everything she had been told was a lie which she ought to be grateful to own been kidnapped.

Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped

Elizabeth Smart“If I had passed through radKIDS before i used to be kidnapped, I can’t say I wouldn’t are kidnapped, I can’t say I wouldn’t have passed through hell,” Elizabeth Smart said. “I would have known I had choices. i'd have known I might scream, I might hit him, I might kick him where it counts.”

Canton-Cherokee radKIDS was established last month as the simplest way to show native kids the way to escape dangerous things. On Wednesday, the program was dedicated to Jorelys Rivera, a 7-year-old girl who was kidnapped and killed in December by Ryan Brunn, a maintenance employee at the River Ridge of Canton apartment advanced where Jorelys lived.

Jorelys’ mother, Jocelyn, said through a translator that the seminar and dedication of the radKIDS program meant lots to her.

“She is happy as a result of she met Elizabeth Smart however in different ways in which unhappy because her daughter isn’t alive,” a loved one translated. “She thinks (radKIDS) can facilitate children to find out a lot of regarding unhealthy people.”

Family members and supporters of Jorelys wore bright pink shirts printed with the last image the kid drew before her death – a rainbow and a stick girl. Attorney Gary Martin Hays, founder and chairman of Keep Georgia Safe, said that people who attended the seminar show that the community is coming back along within the wake of Jorelys’ death.

“That’s what it’s all regarding,” Hays said. “And, we all know this community was hurting.”

The radKIDS program, that is proactive against bullying, will facilitate flip Cherokee County into a zero victimization community, radKIDS founder Steve Daley said. That’s why it has to be incorporated into college curriculum as was worn out Gwinnett County.

“This isn’t on the subject of abduction,” Daley said. “This is regarding stopping violence. radKIDS will teach youngsters the way to get out of a toilet where they’re trapped. we are able to take our colleges back.”

Daley said he realized there was a desire to show youngsters the way to defend themselves whereas operating as a police officer. One night when responding to a child hurt decision, he found a 6-year-old girl standing within the hallway of her home clutching her teddy bear.

“As I approached this small woman, I might see the front of her shirt was wet, and it wasn’t sweat,” Daley said. “But she wasn’t crying.”

Instead, the kid stared at Daley.

“She checked out me and said, ‘Where were you?’ ” Daley said. “She didn’t blink and said, ‘You’re purported to defend me (when) Mommy’s boyfriend hurts me.’ ”

And, the requirement for a program to coach youngsters was additional solidified when Daley told his son that every one individuals are unhealthy.

“That lasted regarding 5 seconds,” Daley said. “He walked right up to somebody and said, ‘How are you?’ the times of stranger-danger are gone.”

Elizabeth Smart will going to still speak out

Elizabeth SmartSince its inception in 1999, radKIDS has documented eighty one saves from abduction, and thousands of sexual assault and bully saves. Elizabeth Smart said that as long as crime continues to happen, she is going to still speak out.

“I understand that because of what I experienced, I will facilitate individuals to act, to move, to create a distinction,” she said. “As long as i believe that I’m creating distinction, that’s what I’m going to do.”

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