Pamela Anderson said that When She think of India, She think of samosas

Pamela Anderson, Sexy Hollywood ActreessAnimal activist and Hollywood actress Pamela Anderson had had a great time on her recent visit to India and took back a few mementoes, vegan shoes included (Pam’s a veggie and PETA supporter) among her souvenirs.

In an interview, she tells DNA about the delights of her visit here…

“When I think of India, I think of samosas…fabulous country, fabulous food. I love to eat and am so glad India has so many amazing vegetarian options; I had a fun time trying different things,” says the actress who’s very particular about her diet, figure and indulging in ‘meat-free’ meals.

Back in her home town, she had friends and family asking about her Indian visit. “I told them that I loved it in India and I’m hoping someday to bring Dylan and Brandon (her sons) with me to see the Taj Mahal; it’s gorgeous,” she continues.

Apart from the knick-knacks and happy memories, Anderson also picked up something she had set her heart on — leather-free shoes. Just before going into a house set for a reality show in Lonavala, Anderson arranged for a variety of vegan shoes made by designer Rina Shah to be brought to her.

Anderson apparently loved Shah’s leather-free shoes so much that she took a suitcase full of them back to Hollywood.

“It’s a must-have in my wardrobe as you won’t find bags, jackets or belts made of animal skin there,” she says.

What will also remain with her is her impression of the people. “Indians are so warm and wonderful. It was so nice to meet friends and wear a sari too. I picked up a few Hindi words,” she ends.

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