Daniela Ruah's Eye Spot is Just a Birthmark

Daniela Ruah's eye spot is just a birthmark. The absolutely stunning NCIS: Los Angeles star who plays Kensi Blye was born with the birthmark in her right eye. That gives Daniela Ruah one black eye and one hazel.
NCIS: Los Angeles fans might have wondered what happened to Kensi's eye or Daniela Ruah after watching the show? The answer as it turns out is quite simple: Daniel Ruah has a birthmark in her right eye.

The 25 year old was originally born in Boston before moving to Portugal. She is perhaps the scene stealer on a NCIS: Los Angeles show that appears to be doing quite well in it's first season. Daniela Ruah could become one of the biggest stars to emerge from the CBS hit.

Viewers have to be impressed with how stunning Daniela Ruah has been throughout the first season of NCIS: Los Angeles and my guess is it's only the tip of the iceberg for the brunette beauty. She is an up and comer that Hollywood should look out for in feature films and perhaps other television shows in the near future.
The fact she has such confidence even with the eye birthmark must make her even more attractive to NCIS: Los Angeles fans. In other words, she's still quite beautiful and talented and look for big things on down the road.

What is wrong with Daniela Ruah's right eye?

What is wrong with Daniela Ruah's right eye? more people have opinions or comments about Daniela Ruah's right eye.

"Daniela Ruah has a birthmark in her right eye, giving her one hazel eye & one black. She speaks both Portuguese & English fluently" imdb

  • Sphinxman, "Do you notice when the camera is on her they don't focus on her face to long because of her eye or you'll see she'll look down right alittle to hide it..Always figured she had a blue eye and they added a contact lense over it. Still like how she looks"
  • George, "I actually think the eye makes her way more interesting. Gorgeous girl, I love when people have little faults that just add to their beauty like that. P.s if one of your friends that you see everyday had a birthmark in there eye do you think you would mention it to them? the whole bringing it into the plot is ridiculous."
  • Whatthen, "I finally found out about her eye. i thought it was a glass eye. She is pretty and interesting"
  • Bilbo Baggins, "I have been curious too since I first noticed it, but some of the ignorant posts here just goes to show how shallow some people are. If it weren't for high definition TVs, it probably wouldn't even be noticeable."
  • Caterina, "condivido Blulu, quell'occhio è una distrazione, il telefim ne risente perchè non si riesce, se c'è lei, a seguire la trama...."
  • Martin, "So thats what it is! hmm, i dont think its disturbing, i think it makes her even hotter, shes got an evil eye for crying out loud. (awesoome) one of the most interesting women on tv at the moment."
  • BluLu, "Trouble is, the eye is distracting. She looks like she's had an injury or infection and her eye is scarred. If it were simply two different coloured eyes, it wouldn't be such a distraction. It may not be part of the plot line of the show, but it's definitely a dominating feature of one of its main characters, so perhaps it should be addressed in a story line. Someone should at least make a reference to it; it's unnatural not to. It makes the show seem even less realistic than it already is (if that's possible)."
  • Momof4, "Why do you think it would need to be just on the colored part of the eye, and not include the white?? It's a birthmark, not 2 different colored eyes! It does look a little strange. My husband and I thought she might have a glass eye or something. It's nice to know what it finally is. Obviously it doesn't affect her eyesight, so that's good."
  • Jazzbooty, "If it is a birthmark why the the whole eye, including the white, black? I have seen people with two different color eyes and they don't look like ink was poured in one of them. I think it is very unsettling."
  • Flashdryve, "She is so fine that her right eye only ads to her character, her charm, her beauty. Like Munhowser above, I had to get on the internet highway where I knew I wasn't the only one curious. And YES! I also thought that it was part of the show. Ahhhh, I can relax now. My curiosity is satisfied. Just found her on NCIS Los Angeles and I'm hooked. Big Fan, can't wait to see her next project."

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