Rielle Hunter on Oprah unrepentant about affair with John Edwards

Unrepentant Rielle Hunter, former and possible current mistress of disgraced politician John Edwards, appeared for an interview on the Oprah Winfrey Show on April 29, 2010. Hunter was on Oprah to tell her side of the affair that broke up the marriage of John and Elizabeth Edwards and derailed Edwards' campaign for the Democratic nomination for president. Rielle Hunter had a child, Quinn with John Edwards as a result of the affair.

Reille Hunter was the other woman, key to the breakup of the marriage between John and Elizabeth Edwards. Hunter insisted that you cannot steal a man because people are not property. Hunter stated, 'You can't steal someone else's husband. People are not property.' The 'if she cannot hold on to her husband that is not my responsibility' excuse is the mantra of mistresses everywhere.

When asked how Elizabeth Edwards had learned about the affair, Rielle Hunter said that she had purchased Edwards a cell phone, which was a replica of his official phone, to use exclusively to talk with her. Elizabeth Edwards used the phone and the number connected to Rielle Hunter, who answered 'Hey Baby.'

Hunter alleged, as she has in the past, that Elizabeth Edwards was abusive to her husband and the he was afraid of his wife. Elizabeth Edwards, 60, who has terminal cancer, has separated from her straying husband.

Oprah played portions of a statement John Edwards made on national television in 2008 denying that he had an affair with Rielle Hunter and denying that her baby was his. Hunter told Oprah that after he made that statement on television that he called her and told her that the statement didn't mean anything.

Rielle talked about the scheme that was hatched by Edward aide Andrew Young to claim that Hunter's baby was his, in order to protect Edwards political career. Rielle Hunter insisted that is was Young's idea and not hers, which contradicted statements Young and his wife have made in the past. Hunter said that she almost went along with the scheme because Edwards wanted her to.

Rielle Hunter admitted that everyone had been hurt in the aftermath of the affair, but would not admit to hurting Elizabeth Edwards, saying that she did not know if she hurt Elizabeth Edwards.In direct contradiction to that, Hunter said that she has become a better and more compassionate person. Hunter also said that she does not regret what happened because she has learned so much in the process.

Toward the end of the interview Oprah asked whether she was getting child support and financial support. She first admitted that she was getting child support and when Oprah insisted on clarification she also admitted that she was getting financial support from Edwards, whom she calls Johnny.

Hunter said that she still loves Edwards, still trusts him and that she believes that he still loves her. When asked if she wanted to marry Edwards, Hunter said that she was not sure that she ever wanted to marry again to anybody.

Rielle Hunter refused to answer Oprah's repeated question about the state of her current relationship with the father of her child, Quinn. At the end of the interview, Oprah tried again and Hunter smiled coyly and almost flirtatiously said 'That's private.'


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